Magic Johnson Still Talking To The Lakers Everyday For Some Reason

It’s been a couple of weeks since Magic Johnson abruptly ended his tenure as Laker’s president. This weekend the TMZ caught up with Magic Johnson with and about how he was feeling about the end of his run as Laker’s president:

?“Everybody knows I love the Lakers, and so I’m gonna always help them. Like right now, I’m gonna still help them. I love my team, I love my franchise, and I love this city.” claimed Johnson.

“You have to do things sometimes on your own terms. It doesn’t matter what other people think, see? And I’m that guy. But I’m still helping them. It’s almost like I never left (laughs). I’m still talking to them every day,” Johnson continued. “I’m gonna help them get the Lakers back right, you can believe that.”

Umm ok? That’s cool Magic. So basically you are saying you are basically gonna help get the Lakers back right? I mean the best way to do that is probably not leaving them high and dry over night. Just our two cents. But some interesting stuff from Magic. You can watch the video here.


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