Games On Tap: Season 1 Game Of Thrones Recap

I finally gave in. I’ve been hearing that Game of Thrones is a must watch and one of the greatest (if not the greatest) show of all time. I was super hesitant. But I dove in as the 8th and final season approaches. And I got to say I love it. For those who haven’t seen it, or it’s been so damn long since watching I thought I’d help all of us remember what happened by doing a season by season recap. Starting Monday with season 1 and running through Sunday with season 8. I’ll also be going live on Periscope after each episode of season 8 premiers (except for episode 2 because I’ll be a at a baptism where I am the Godfather so I yeah, duty calls). This isn’t going to be a typical over the top weird recap this will be one of the most simple and quick ways to get up to date. So if you are looking for anything extra and detailed, google it. This is just my perspective. .Anyway’s on to season 1:

Alright so season 1 was just weird. To be completely honest I wasn’t sure if I even liked Game of Thrones through the first 2-3 episodes but I was like; nah dude push through. So I did. Let’s remember some of the most important things from season 1 and I’ll give some perspective on it.

Meet the White Walkers

So in the first scene of the whole show we met the white walkers and I had no idea what was going on. I’m not the most science fiction type of guy. So literally I was just confused; and perplexed why anyone has ever given a shit about this show. Anyways, we learn later that the White Walkers are important so now I think that shit is cool. Looking back now; I am glad I know now. But anyways, looking back I would have introduced the White Walkers in a different way.

Bran’s Big Plunge

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The war basically starts here. When Bran catches our first moment of incest on the show. I was basically way too focused on the incest and how gross it was to actually think that this was significant. I also realized just how big of a bitch the queen was. And I’m still  surprised about the incest. Every time I see it on the show I get grossed out. I’m grossed out even writing about it.

Tyrion Taken Prisoner

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This is when shit gets real. Catelyn Stark (Ned’s wife) proves she makes bad decisions when she has proof the Lannisters were behind the 2nd murder attempt on Bran’s life. But couple things here; we find out that Catelyn is an idiot. Two, this just escalates the beef and we meet my favorite character of the show Tyrion. Cool shit.

The King Dies And Joffrey Is King

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Damn Joffrey. Literally the biggest piece of shit in this whole show. I was rooting for him to die since his first appearance on the show. I can’t explain how much I hate this little shit. Anyways; if you watch the show I don’t need to do too much explaining here. The Queen has the King killed, Ned “betrays” the new king Joffrey. Joffrey is supposed to marry Sansa Stark (Ned’s daughter). Ned goes to jail. And this little monster promises mercy on Ned if he confesses for treason.. and what does he do? He fucking kills the guy. It’s unbelievable. Chops his head off. I almost had a heart attack. Now I’m 100% in on the show because of my hatred for Joffrey. I literally think that’s the genius of the show. The hatred for Joffrey ropes people in. He is such a tool. Have I mentioned I hate Joffrey? Anyways; yeah Ned Stark dies. It’s sad. One of his daughters is basically a homeless girl now. The other is with Joffrey, this literally roped me into the show.

Queen of Dragons

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Her arch is drama filled. Literally she walks through fire. Her husband dies. We learn she is a mother of Dragons. She turned herself from being in a vulnerable position to being in a position of strength. Literally, it’s the under dog story. And hell yeah we love her. The final scene of the season is just epic. Let’s refresh your memory. She basically goes to her husband Drogo’s funeral prye in the fire. Comes out unburnt. And comes out with new babies after she lost her real (human baby); oh and those babies? They are dragons. ]

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