Drunk Fans Break into LSU Locker Room and Steal Tractor for Joyride

There’s no offseason for crazy dunk fans. If there’s a a reason to celebrate , fans will do it. And when LSU beat No. 5 Tennessee for a massive home win on Saturday.. plenty of fans knew how big of a win it was and were ready to celebrate.

Three men were arrested after stealing a John Deere tractor from the LSU locker room and riding it around campus in an drunk.

Not quite sure if they were students but they were reportedly 21 and 22 years old.  Security footage from LSU showed the three men stealing the tractor at 2:36 in the morning and proceeding to drive it down North Stadium Drive to Huey P. Long Fieldhouse before they were stopped. Two of them tried to leave the scene, but of course did so unsuccessfully.

All three were charged with theft of a motor vehicle with the driver being charged with a first-offense DWI after registering a 0.162 blood alcohol level, more than double the legal limit in most jurisdictions.

The vehicle named  the “Gator XUV” — which is a dumb name for an LSU tractor since you know the Florida Gators are their rival is valued at over $10,000 dollars.


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