Video: James Harden Blasts Referee Scott Foster


Thursday night’s Rockets vs Lakers game ended up being a huge comeback for the Los Angeles Lakers. The Rockets led by 19 points before “playoff LeBron” was activated. LeBron ended up with 29 points as LeBron and The Lakers came back to beat The Houston Rockets. However, the story has been more about the one sided officiating late in the game that all went against the Houston Rockets. And Referee Scott Foster seemed to make bad call after bad call against the Rockets.

Also let’s remember there was a very soft offensive foul call on James Harden which helped him foul out while The Rockets still had a chance at the game. This however, isn’t something new with Scott Foster.

And after the game James Harden had some harsh words:

You never want to see a game decided by a referee but it seems like Scott Foster and The Rockets don’t have a chance when Foster plays. Here’s some more great stats for Foster:

Note to self: If Scott Foster is officiating against The Rockets, take the money line on the other team.

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