When Ariana Grande Was 5 She Got Hit By A Puck At An NHL Game


Ariana Grande you may not know but was a huge NHL fan growing up. And especially a fan of the Florida Panthers.


Ariana Grande isn’t especially famous with hockey fans, but she has some surprising history with the Florida Panthers.

The superstar singer went to nearly every ?Panthers when she was a kid, and she got pretty up close and personal: she was struck by a puck not once but twice at a game. She was actually the first ever fan to be struck by a puck at the Panthers’ new arena, and became the first fan to get a zamboni ride at the game on top of it all.

She was the FIRST ever to be hit by a puck at the Panthers’ new arena. I guess you’d say it takes a very unlucky person to get hit by a puck at a hockey game not once, but TWICE. But I think things turned out just fine for the pop star.

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