NFL Referee Under Scrutiny Because of Connection to Rams After Blowing Pass Interference

Well shoot are you into conspiracy theories? Because if you are we have a treat for you. This one is just too much. Obviously the no-call heard around the world was yesterday and if you somehow missed it is here it is :

Many believe the The New Orleans Saints trip to  The Super Bowl was sabotaged because of it.

Shortly after the game ened a New Orleans area reporter revealed that one of the referees who officiated the game actually used to play for the Rams!

??Phil McKinnely played for the Los Angles Rams in 1981, and of course people edited the his Wikipedia to also he played in 2019.

How The NFL overlooked this is beyond me. I mean it’s just too good. I don’t believe in conspiracy theories and I don’t think this had anything to do with anything but I think it’s a great coincidence and always fun to talk about.

Phil McKinnely People tweeted:

Do you agree with the above tweet?

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