15. Michael Jordan Suspended Rumors

For many of us we use sports as an escape from the real world. The real world can be complicated, crazy, scandalous and downright sad. However, sometimes sports can be that too. Professional athletes are rich, famous and have a ton of free time. So we scoured the internet to find some of the most scandalous, controversial, and most discussed sport stories of all time..

The Year: 1993

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In 1992, after winning his second championship, Jordan was called to testify in the criminal trial of James Bouler to explain why why Bouler, a convicted drug dealer, was in possession of a Jordan-signed personal check for $57,000.

First, Jordan claimed it was a business loan, but under oath he admitted that it was a payment for on gambling losses for a single weekend.

Then, in early 1993, San Diego businessman Richard Equinas revealed in his book Michael and Me: Our Gambling Addiction…My Cry for Help that he had won over $900,000 from Jordan in golf betting.

After the 1993 season and The Chicago Bulls winning their 3rd straight NBA title; Michael Jordan abruptly retired to play baseball after his father was murdered. Many believe that Michael Jordan didn’t retire but was secretly suspended for his gambling connections.

The truth we may never know, but Jordan retired for a year and a half only to return and help The Chicago Bulls win another 3 straight NBA finals.

“Five years down the line, if the urge is there, if the Bulls would have me back, if David Stern would let me back, I may just come back. Who knows? That’s an option that will never close.” -Michael Jordan


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