Is That Nick Chubb… Or Randy Moss?!

The Cleveland Browns came out motivated on Sunday.

Not only were the Browns looking for their first back-to-back win since 2014, but it was also against their former coach, Hue Jackson, who joined the Cincinnati Bengals just one week after being fired.

Browns QB Baker Mayfield explained why he wasn’t too pleased with this former coaches choice to join a rival…

While many thought it could help the Bengals today at home… It didn’t. The Browns won the game pretty convincingly.

Already leading 21-0, QB Baker Mayfield found running back Nick Chubb for another touchdown, but it was how he caught the ball that made people go crazy. Chubb pulls this ball in behind the helmet of a Bengals defender to corral it in.

Or as many people would say, he “mossed him” in reference to classic Randy Moss catches.

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