(VIDEO) Kevin Durant’s Mom Makes It Clear She Love LeBron & Magic Johnson

We all know this season is over anyway and Kevin Durant will get this 3rd championship in a row with the Golden State Warriors in 2018-19. Also making this the 4th in the last 5 years for the organization.

But that big question that always looms NBA players is here:

Where are you going in free agency?

Kevin Durant has been speculated to mainly the New York Knicks and the Los Angeles Lakers (other than Golden State).

Rumors got even more wild after the altercation between him and his teammate Draymond Green that led to Green being suspended from the team. 

Counter that with the fact that TMZ Sports caught up with Wanda Durant, the mother of Durant, and she made it clear how much she loved LeBron James and Magic Johnson. Let the rumors begin….

She really makes this much more interesting, only 1/4th into the NBA year.

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