Ranking: The Top Looking Cheerleaders In College Football


College. The place where we love football, we love watching the spectacle of football and college sports in general. I assume many of you reading this have either been to college, going to college soon, or are in college currently. The rest of you? Well you’ve at least heard of college. And we all know one of the best things from college sports is the girls. We love them. You love them. And the whole University tends to love them as well. So what did we do? We thought it be a great idea to rank the top 50 college cheer squads based on.. what else? Their GPAs (Just Kidding). Their looks. So sit back, enjoy and make sure to that you comment in who you really think is #1.

50. Notre Dame


Notre Dame fighting Irish cheer squad are some of the best in the country. From their great outfits to their colors these girls are some of the best cheerleaders in the country.

49. Mississippi State

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Welcome to Bulldog country. This is no bull. These girls are some of the best looking cheer squads in the country.

48. Iowa State

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They might not move their bodies like a cyclone. Ok bad joke. These girls though are super duper good looking. You are gonna love the Iowa State Cyclone cheer squad.


47. Kentucky

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These cats are just wild (more bad jokes). We’ll stop soon. But no really these girls from Lexington are just some of the best cheer squads in the country. Go Big Blue!




46. Hawaii

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What did you think? Of course the girls from the Island are going to make the list. These girls in the Hawaiian cheer squad just look amazing.



45. Baylor

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Things are bigger in Texas. Also.. that has nothing to do with cheerleaders. But as you can see in the picture these girls are just fantastic. The Baylor Bear’s have some of the best cheerleaders in the country.


44. Eastern Washington

Sep 5, 2015; Eugene, OR, USA; Eastern Washington Eagles cheerleaders perform in the fourth quarter against the Oregon Ducks at Autzen Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

A surprise on the list maybe. But Eastern Washington has some of the best looking cheer squads in the country. Also, their red field is cool. That has nothing to do with cheerleaders again, but we might as well keep with the bad jokes.

43. BYU

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(Insert Morman Joke Here). Does it matter? The BYU Cougars have some of the best cheer leaders in the country.


42. North Carolina

Sep 19, 2015; Chapel Hill, NC, USA; North Carolina Tar Heels cheerleaders perform during the second half against the Illinois Fighting Illini at Kenan Memorial Stadium. North Carolina won 48-14. Mandatory Credit: Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

The baby blue outfits just really POP. The TarHeel girls are just absolutely gorgeous.



41. SMU

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Another Texas school. Another great looking group of girls. SMU won’t leave you disappointed .


40. Texas Tech

Oct 3, 2015; Arlington, TX, USA; The Texas Tech Red Raiders cheerleaders pose with two Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders before the game between the Baylor Bears and the Red Raiders at AT&T Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

We love these Texas Schools! We love the boots. We love the girls. We love the outfits. What is there not to love? These girls are just amazing.



39. Minnesota

Image result for minnesota cheerleaders

These Gopher girls are just absolutely cuties. They aren’t number one in the big 10, but they get a BIG 10 from us!


38. Nebraska

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The Cornhusker cheer squad is one of the most underrated in the country. From the red outfits to watching them interact with the crowd. Nebraska has one of the best cheer squads in the country.



37. Utah

Image result for utah cheerleaders

The Utes are Cutes. Wow, we keep failing at these jokes. But, whatever. You laughed. We laughed at ourselves. But these girls are nothing to laugh at. They are absolutely amazing.



36. Ohio State

Image result for ohio state university cheerleaders

Another BIG 10 for a BIG 10 school. The Ohio State cheer squad all look amazing.



35. Oregon State

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The Oregon State cheer squad are amazing. They aren’t number 1 in the state but they still have a huge place in our hearts. Awww… Beavers. The nickname is a plus.



34. Oklahoma State

Image result for oklahoma state university cheer

We love the OSU outfits for the Cowgirls. They are fit for all us Cowboys.



33. Houston

Image result for houston cheer

Texas… again? You bet! These girls from the University of Houston are just gorgeous Cougars.


32. NC State

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The NC State WolfPack girls are some of the best in the country. They aren’t number 1 in the ACC but they definitely deserved a spot on the list.



31. South Florida

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South Florida is not the most well known school. But one thing they are known for… well being in South Florida there is plenty of sunshine. Plenty of sunshine brings out good looking girls. Good looking girls bring out good cheerleaders. You get the point. South Florida has some amazing cheerleaders.



30. Memphis

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Memphis, down south. Some of the most beautiful cheerleaders come from the south and this is not expectation.



29. Wyoming

Image result for wyoming cheerleaders

Cowboy boots. Small town feel. The girls from Wyoming are some that make you think of taking home to Mama.



28. Washington

Image result for washington cheer

A personal favorite of ours. We are from Seattle and UW Alums here… Go Dawgs! These girls are dawglious , and their outfits are to match.





27. Kansas

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The Jayhawks have some of the best outfits and best looking cheerleaders in the country.


26. Arkansas

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The Razorback cheer squad is deep. And the Razorback cheer squad looks amazing.



25. Louisville

Image result for louisville cardinals cheerleaders


It’s starting to get really good now. The Cardinals cheer squad is really one of the best you’ll see. We can’t get enough of them and we know you can’t either.



24. Michigan

Image result for university of michigan cheerleaders



Ann Arbor, Michigan is home of the Wolverines. And this Wolverines cheer squad is absolutely amazing. Just an absolute gem of a big ten squad.




23. Auburn

Image result for auburn university cheerleaders

Auburn cheer in Alabama are just amazing. We say War Eagle to these girls because they arcae just amazing and we tend to think you will agree.



22. Washington State

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The Washington State Cougars are absolutely on fire.





21. Arizona

Image result for uofa cheerleaders


Welcome to the desert. And these cheerleaders in Tucson are just amazing. The UofA has some of the best in the country. And we know how much you love them.




20. UNLV

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Well, what do you expect? Vegas? Yes! Vegas has some of the best cheerleaders in the country. We absolutely know you love them as we do too. These are some of the best cheer leaders in the whole country and you can see why.



19. Oklahoma

Image result for oklahoma cheer

Welcome to Sooner country. Where the cheerleading squad just looks amazing! We know you love them and we love them too.



18. Colorado State

Image result for colorado state cheerleaders




17. South Carolina

Image result for south carolina cheer

The Gamecocks have some absolutely beautiful cheerleaders.


16. UCLA

Image result for UCLA cheer


What more to do you expect? This is UCLA which is in Los Angeles. And we know Southern Cali has some of the best in the country and UCLA does not disappoint.



15. University of Miami

Image result for university of miami cheerleaders 2018

The Hurricanes can literally get you spinning. These are some of the best in the country and we absolutely love them. Miami and The U are known for their good looking people and well… this is living proof.



14. Arizona State

Image result for arizona state cheerleading

Ok… this isn’t fair. The Sun Devils are literally bringing the heat with some of the best in the world. We know you will love this Pac-12 school’s squad. How couldn’t you?




13. Tennessee

Image result for tennessee volunteers cheerleaders

The Volunteers, are exactly what we think. We Volunteer to continue to look at them. And you see why. We think they are amazing and we know you do too.



12. Missouri

Image result for missouri cheerleaders


The “Show Me State” will show you some of the best. What do you think of these Missouri Tigers? We think they are amazing. And we think you’ll agree.



11. TCU

Image result for tcu cheerleaders

Well we are talking about Texas. And TCU brings us some of the best in the business. They look great, have great outfits and are part of some of the best cheer squad of the country.


10. Florida State University

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Florida State knows how to have fun. And they know how to bring out some of the best cheerleaders in the country. Just an absolute amazing bunch that we love and we know you will love too.



9. Texas

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Austin, Texas. Home of the Longhorns, which is a place of great food, great football, and great cheerleaders. We think are some of the best cheerleaders in the country.



8. Arkansas

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The Razorbacks have some of the best cheerleaders in the country. We think they are absolutely amazing and we know you love them. Just a razorback? They’ll have you coming back for more.



7. Clemson

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Clemson cheer is great. South Carolina girls just look amazing and you’ll see why they are rated so high on our list. We love them and w know you will too.



6. Ole Miss

Image result for Ole miss cheer


Hotty Toddy! Gosh Almighty! That’s what Ole Miss cheer will have you saying. These girls are absolutely amazing and we love them as much as you will.



5. Florida

Image result for florida gators cheerleaders


Down south it’s just different. In Florida, these girls are just amazing and we know you are going to love them and we love them too. Chomp Chomp! Go Gators these girls are perfect.



4. Alabama

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Welcome to Alabama! Roll Tide! What a great place to be. ‘Bama has a great football team and just great cheerleaders too. You’ll love them as we do too!



3. LSU

Image result for lsu cheerleader

Geaux Tigers! The LSU cheer time is are absolutely gorgeous girls from down south.



2. USC

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1. Oregon

Image result for oregon cheerleaders 2018

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Image result for oregon cheerleaders 2018

Image result for oregon cheer

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Ok Ducks! Wow, the Oregon Ducks take the #1 spot. These cheerleaders just look amazing and they have the best outfits. Just enjoy.

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Image result for oregon cheerleaders 2018

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Do you agree with the list? Comment in below.

Written by Rex Hime