Nike Surprises Runner With Cerebral Palsy With Contract

This is just an awesome story and a story that is a real tear jerker.  Justin has Cerebral Palsy and he has a dream. Make sure to have tissues ready because this is a real tear jerker.


What an amazing story.

Just then after went on Instagram with a touching post about the Nike and the contract where he wrote:

Today on world Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day, I reached a milestone in my running journey! Today I made Nike history and became the very first athlete with Cerebral Palsy to sign a contract with Nike! You don’t realize how realistic and emotional your dreams are until they play out before your very eyes! Signing this contract was a huge success for me and I would not have made it without my friends and family and teammates! This was perhaps the most emotional moment in my seven years of running! Growing up with a disability, the thought of becoming a professional athlete is as I have said before like the thought of climbing Mt. Everest! It is definitely possible, but the odds are most definitely not in your favor! Hard work pays off! Hundreds of miles, blood, sweat, and tears has lead me here along with a few permanent scars! But the journey is damn sure not over!!! Looking back, I would guess there is only a few select people who would see me were I am today! I have gone through just about everything in the book to be where I am today! I was once a kid in leg braces who could barely put on foot in front of the other! Now I have signed a three year contract with Nike Running! Trust the process! And most of all trust in God! God is good! Thank you to all my friends, family, and teammates on running club, and now a brand new atmosphere on teammates with Nike! This moment will live forever! Thank you everyone for helping show the world that there is No Such Thing As A Disability! #ProfessionalAthlete #SWOOSH #Nike72#NikeTrackandField #NikeXC#ThereIsNoFinishLine #StrongerEveryMile#NoSuchThingAsADisability #NikeRunning#Limitless #Breaking2
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Season opener yesterday at Willamette Invitational! All time PR for the 8k! 41:47.9!! This summer I clocked over 220 miles, ran at high altitude, and my half marathon number two under my belt! Even though it wasn’t the result I wanted, I’m still thankful for the experience! Glad to see all my long miles and hard work pay yesterday!! Next stop #Sub41! Very excited all across the board about my third year here in Eugene, Oregon! Great things are coming! Very thankful for my running career and all my family, friends, supporters/fans, sponsors! God is good! #ClinicallyProven #Xendurance #StrongerEveryMile #NoSuchThingAsADisability #Recovery #GoldStandard #NikeRunning #Limitless #Breaking2 #RockTape #RunTheDay #RunGum #Sub41 #UORunningClub #Flyease #FlyeaseMentality Photo Credit: @itaiepstein

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According to Running Magazine, Gallegos had to use a  walker as a toddler and preschooler before he started physical therapy to help improve his stride. In high school, word came to Nike’s attention and he has since helped the brand develop a shoe for runners with disabilities – the FlyEase.

Gallegos’ dream is to break the two-hour mark in a half marathon. This past April, he completed his first half marathon in 2:03:49. He completed his second half marathon in September. What an amazing story.

Here are some more awesome shoots of Justin from Instagram:

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Today I ran my second half marathon and finished in a time of 2:10:58.72. Although I did not break 2 hours I am still very pleased with my results because I know I gave it everything I had today and left it all out on the course. The last three miles were very challenging but gave it everything until I crossed the finish line! Although today was pretty successful, I experienced probably the worst of what a race like a half marathon can throw your way! My body threw me for quite a loop post race but I was able to recover within a few hours. And I believe that in terms of being an athlete once you have experienced the worst, the best is yet to come! It is now on to cross country season and making preparations for my next half marathon. I have learned quite a lot from running my first two half marathon’s and I know I will be better prepared for the ones to come in the future! Thank you to all my sponsors who constantly support me and have my back @xendurance @nikerunning @rocktape @rungum @icerecovery And special thanks to @macfleet for coming out today to help document today’s journey! #ClinicallyProven #Xendurance #StrongerEveryMile #NoSuchThingAsADisability #Recovery #GoldStandard #NikeRunning #Limitless #Breaking2 #RunGum #RunTheDay #RockTape #GoStrongerLonger #HalfMarathon2 #TheBestIsYetToCome

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