The Seahawks Didn’t Do Earl Thomas “Dirty” Earl Thomas Did The Seahawks “Dirty”

We all know the story. Earl Thomas wanted a new contract; The Seahawks wouldn’t budge. Earl Thomas got hurt, carted off the field and as he was being carted off gave the Seahawks sideline the bird. He was pissed. He thought he deserved more money so on his way out of the door he decided to flip off his organization and teammates. Cool dude. Let’s flip off all your co-workers while they still have a game to finish. What a class act (hope you know sarcasm). You know who should really be upset? The Seattle Seahawks organization.

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Earl Thomas was on the last year of a 4 year 40-million-dollar contract with the team. For those math whizzes at home that’s 10 million dollars a year. Now Earl is upset because he wanted a new contract extension. Well tough luck dude. Guess what Earl? You also are going to get paid while being hurt. Guess what else Earl? When you signed the contract, you were the highest paid safety in the league. And guess what else Earl? When your contract is up at the end of this season you are going to get paid again. Someone is going to pay Earl Thomas millions of dollars even after they saw him publicly give a big “FUCK YOU” to an employer who made him a multi-millionaire and set him up to have generational money so his kids (in theory) would never have to work. Come on. Why must we take the side of the player always in any type of situation where these things happen. Maybe we should take the organization’s side this time. The organization did not want to give a pay raise to a guy who in plain site of camera’s went up to Jason Garrett of the Cowboys and told him “come get me”. He basically said he doesn’t want to be a Seahawk.

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Let’s take Earl’s situation and pretend he was a sales manager for a company. Let’s say he was making 100k a year. And he had committed to a contract where he was to work for the company for 4 years. And with one year left his bosses caught him talking to a rival company saying he wants to join. And then he decided he would not attend any meetings until he got a raise (Earl stopped practicing). What would happen? How fast would he have been fired? Let’s ad some fuel to this too. How about when his bosses ask him “hey man you can’t just not show up to meetings?” he decided to quit, flip off the WHOLE OFFICE. Which side would you be on? The only difference in this situation is Earl didn’t choose to quit, rather, he got injured. And the second difference is the sales manager would not have gotten paid. Earl is going to receive all of his 10 million dollars contract this year. So really who should be pissed? Earl Thomas didn’t get screwed or “done dirty” by his team. He did them dirty and he did himself dirty. If Earl didn’t go approach the Cowboys last season, if Earl showed up to camp, if Earl practiced, if Earl didn’t continue to say stupid shit to the media all season; maybe the Seahawks would be more willing to negotiate. But this is the world where we live in. Where entitlement is so rampant, that we forget how things really should work. I see the media continue to defend Le’Veon Bell for holding out, and that’s fine. Le’Veon Bell has cost himself $900,000 a week for missing games. That’s a choice he has made. He also made a choice to return this season after the bye week because, he knows $900,000 a week is A LOT of money.

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Earl Thomas’s injury is unfortunate. You never want to see a player get hurt. But just because he was unhappy with his contract situation doesn’t mean you have to act classless. Have some class, have some perspective. This organization has made you rich. REALLY RICH. This organization has made you a household name. You had a city in Seattle that loved you. So instead of saying thanks you just gave the whole city the bird. Earl said, “fuck you Seattle”. And that’s just unfortunate. Fans bought Earl Thomas jersey’s, fans called sports radio shows to defend Earl. They vouched to go pay the man! Instead of having a little bit of perspective and a little bit of class. Earl basically just told everyone to “kiss his ass”. A sad ending to one of the best players in franchise history. That’s why I have been and always will be a firm believer of two things when it comes to sports and being a fan of sports. One of those is I will always be a fan of the name on the front of the jersey because it represents a city and a fan base. And the second thing following the first belief is a I will not purchase or wear a jersey of a player. Just can’t do it. And Earl Thomas is just one example of why.

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