Police Helicopter Flys Low Purposely To Ruin Penn State Tailgate

Here’s a new way to ruin young people’s day in college. How about law enforcement takes a helicopter, fly’s it dangerously low and destroy’s a tailgate. Wow, sounds like a hell of an idea. Penn State was playing Ohio State on Saturday and fans were out and about enjoying their time when all of a sudden they saw a helicopter flying dangerously low to the ground.

As you can see dangerously too low.

It sent tables and tents flying and tailgaters said they lost 100s of dollars worth of food. It’s been unclear why it was flying so low but many believe it was to stop underage drinking.


Later on in the day cops were seen citing minors for underage drinking. And doing so on police horses.

A bit aggressive maybe? You be the judge.

I guess not so happy times in Happy Valley as they also lost the football game 27-26 Saturday night.

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