Yankees Manager Aaron Boone Get’s Ejected Gives UMP A Catching Lesson

Friday night at Yankee Stadium, after giving plate umpire a mouthful from the dugout Aaron Boone had seen enough. And decided to give the manager a dose.

Lentz tossed Boone from the dugout. That’s when Boone lost it, walking onto the field, getting into Lentz’s face, squatting behind the plate and then getting in the ump’s face one more time.

It appears that Boone yelled a few gestures and in the tweet below we can see it up close and personal.


[wpvideo c2B4YHEj]

When asked about the ejection last night Boone said:

He just wanted to make sure plate umpire Nic Lentz understood what he was watching.

Oh, and Boone had some jokes, too.

“I just hadn’t stretched yet tonight so I just wanted to make sure I was good and loose,” Boone said. “I was just, I don’t know. I guess giving my kids something to make fun of me about.”

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