Milwaukee Police Release Footage Tackling and Tasering Bucks Guard Sterling Brown


Yesterday Milwaukee Police Department released the Sterling Brown arrest video, which confirms that Brown was not “combative” as was initially said . You can find the 30-minute piece of body-cam footage below.

Cops uses a taser on the Milwaukee Bucks player just after the 8:00 mark.

Brown was arrested on Jan. 26 in a Walgreens parking lot and charged with resisting arrest after police claimed he approached them menacingly while they were writing him a ticket. However, the charges against Brown were quickly dropped and police braced for a backlash ahead of the video’s release. The department released it tonight at the end of the workday, and as Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said, Brown was not hostile or threatening before he was arrested.

Here is the statement released yesterday from the Milwaukee Police Department:

Brown then released a statement of his own:

The Bucks released a statement calling Brown’s arrest “shameful and inexcusable.”

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