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  • Spread Option NFL Conference Championships

    Spread Option NFL – Conference Championships

    Cooney’s lock popped while Nick’s flopped. Will the guys have a reversal in fortunes this week with the AFC and NFC Championships on the line? Check out the latest episode of Spread Option NFL to find out who they like!     More

  • Kobe Bryant 81

    Today In Sports History January 22nd. 2006: Kobe Bryant Drops 81

    Today in sports history January 22nd, 2006 the late Kobe Bryant dropped a career high 81 points against the Toronto Raptors. 81 points was the 2nd most points scored in a game in NBA history after Wilt Chamberlain’s 100 points.It was a scoring barrage unlike we have ever seen and Kobe simply could not be […] More

  • Brady Rodgers GOAT

    Ranking What’s At Stake For The Remaining Quarterbacks

    On the latest episode of the Just Talk podcast. I ranked what’s at stake for the final four quarterbacks heading into the NFC and AFC Championship games. We have the two young gun slingers in Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen facing off in the AFC meanwhile in the NFC we have the two savvy veteran’s […] More

  • afc nfc betting lines

    Pod: AFC & NFC Championship … #HennythingIsPossible

    In all honesty, the NFL lucked out here with the NFC and AFC Championship games. Tom Brady versus Aaron Rodgers is a storybook game and you got blue-collar Buffalo Bills against the young stud Patrick Mahomes…well, hopefully. Underdogs are 6-4 against NFL spreads thus far in the 2021 NFL Playoffs, and two more will try […] More



    UFC FIGHT NIGHT! But on a Wednesday at 8 o’clock in the morning… for all of you degenerates/foreign readers, maybe this will hit you at the right time, for everyone else…they might have to catch the replay. Regardless, we are back and ready to make some picks, ride that 6-4 start from Saturday night, and […] More

  • Seattle Seahawks 2020 Recap

    What Happened to the Seattle Seahawks?

    Following the Seattle Seahawks lackluster performance against the Los Angeles Rams in the Wild Card round of the NFC Playoffs, fans wondered what happened to their team. The team started the season 5-0 heading into their Week 6 bye. While the defense certainly did not look great through those five games, the offense made up […] More

  • muhammad ali birthday

    Today In Sports History January 17th: Muhammad Ali Was Born

    Today in sports history January 17th, 1942. Muhammad Ali (born as Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr) was born in Louisville, Kentucky. Muhammad Ali was known as the greatest boxer to ever live. He died on June 3rd, 2016 in Scottsdale, Arizona. Today in sports history January 17th, 1942 Muhammad Ali was born ? pic.twitter.com/qUzmdbFos1 — George […] More

  • Bart Scott Interview

    Today In Sports History January 16th: Bart Scott Can’t Wait

    Today in sports history January 16th, 2011 the The Jets upset the Patriots 28-21 in the AFC Divisional Round. After the game Bart Scott famously told Sal Pal he “can’t wait” for Pittsburgh.“To all the non-believers! That means you Tom Jackson! Way to have our back Keyshawn!” Today in sports history January 16th, 2011. The […] More

  • James Harden Trade Podcast

    The Just Talk Podcast: Catching Up With Chelsea Walsh (Instagram: TheChlesaWalsh) + James Harden and NFL Divisional Round Picks

    On today’s episode George Jarjour talks James Harden to the Brooklyn Nets and gives his picks for the NFL divisional playoffs (2:30). The Seattle Story of the day about the Washington Huskies men’s basketball team (13:00). Then George is joined by Chelsea Walsh (17:00) to discuss her involvement in modeling, talent management and fine arts […] More

  • UFC


    Welcome to the new year! A whole new year means a whole new slate of UFC cards, which means we are all back to 0-0. Almost a month since we last saw some UFC action, needless to say, we are all collectively champing at the bit to get to these fights. Not only will this […] More

  • NFL Divisional Round

    Free Money Fives: Divisional Edition

    This year could not have gone worse as far as betting goes. But that’s alright. In what is the weirdest year of football history we could not have expected to have a normal betting slate. No crowds or limited crowds have made it hard to evaluate what home field advantage means and what it means […] More

  • Spread Option NFL Playoffs

    Spread Option NFL Playoffs

    The Divisional round of the NFL Playoffs are upon us! Last week really put the “wild” in “wildcard” as both Nick and Cooney were left stumped. Will their luck improve this week? Check out the latest pod below to hear their picks! More

  • james harden nets jersey

    EMERGENCY Pod: James Harden Is Traded To The Brooklyn Nets

    Well this was an INSANE day of NBA nonsense. James Harden decided to stop trying, and forced his way to the Brooklyn Nets. Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and James Harden are now all on the same basketball team and the rest of the NBA is put on notice…..Well well well, James Harden was an asshole […] More

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