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  • ja morant dunk on rudy gobert

    Ja Morant Tried To End Rudy Gobert’s Career On This Dunk

    I do not care if it sounds like an exaggeration… This was the greatest failed dunk attempt that I have seen. The heights to which Ja Morant got too, on top of the fact that the Defensive Player of the Year, Rudy Gobert, perfectly defending this. This was as great as an attempt gets. Well, […] More

  • trae young spit at

    NBA Fans Gone Wild… Really Spitting On Trae Young?!

    First and foremost, having NBA fans back at games has made this playoff run better, ten fold. It’s not even close to the feel of the NBA Disney Bubble. This feels different. Especially in New York, Madison Square Garden is my favorite place I’ve watched an NBA games, just a regular season game back with […] More

  • Brooklyn Nets No Games

    Could The Nets Big 3 Not Playing Together Come Back To Bite Them?

    We all know the NBA is about superstars. And there is no team in basketball that has more super stars than the Brooklyn Nets. Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and James Harden on the same team. That gives them a combined two MVPs, three NBA title, seven scoring titles, and eighteen combined all-nba selections. On paper […] More

  • Silna Brothers NBA

    The St. Louis Spirit Made The NBA/ABA Deal Of The Century

    In 2014 the NBA broke out of what might have been the worst contract in the history of professional sports. The NBA ended up paying two brothers $500 million dollars to end a deal that actually made the league give the two former ABA owners (of The St. Louis Spirit) and annual share of the […] More

  • j cole ja morant lyrics

    J Cole Drops A Bunch Of NBA Mentions On Latest Album

    J. Cole dropped his 6th album on Saturday named “The Off-Season” on Friday and it was filled with some surprised for NBA fans including a sampling of Damian Lillard, and mentions of LeBron James, Ja Morant, and LeBron James. ? Cole a real one… album ?? https://t.co/4ZBEfFVZtG — Damian Lillard (@Dame_Lillard) May 14, 2021 The […] More

  • Karim Benzema called up by France after 6 year hiatus

    The Euro’s are quickly approaching, and with less than 30 days to go, each country is starting to announce their final squads for the Championship.  On Tuesday, Karim Benzema, widely regarded as one of the best strikers in the world, was called up into the French national team for the first time since 2015. Karim […] More

  • nba play-in game format

    Why the NBA play-in games format was pure genius

    We all know LeBron James recently mocked the NBA Play-In games, saying “whoever came up with it should be fired,” but this is just one year removed of him saying it was a great idea to let teams in the 8-10 seeds hash it out for a spot in the playoffs. LeBron on the NBA […] More

  • Can Real Madrid repeat their Champions League magic?

    Soccer fans around the world will turn their attention to London, England on Wednesday evening at 8pm local time.  This is what some clubs wait decades for… the opportunity to play in a European Cup final.  This time around, we have Real Madrid, the kings of the competition, versus Chelsea, who are looking to reach […] More

  • UFC


    Coming off of a 9-4 night last Saturday, including going 3-0 on the title fights.. ya boy is on fire, to say the least. Now I don’t want to gloat too much, I shall remain a modest man. But let’s hope that the hot hand continues. 11 fights coming at us tonight, LIVE and FREE […] More

  • NFL Draft QBs

    Meet The Newest QBs of the NFL From Round 1 of the Draft

    The “Year of the Quarterback” is always a popular catch-phrase this time of year. Once again, it was basically true… The 2021 NFL Draft consisted of 5 QBs going in the 1st round. Here is how it shaped out: Trevor Lawrence, Clemson – Pick 1 – Jacksonville Jaguars Lawrence finished with 10,098 yards, 90 TDs […] More

  • Refs Are Getting Soft

    Are Referees Getting Soft?

    Being a NBA or a referee in general is not the easiest work. Refs aren’t universally loved even though they have a tough job. But a new bill being proposed in Wisconsin begs the questions are refs being soft? Judge for yourself: The NBRA supports the proposed Wisconsin bill that would make harassing and assaulting […] More

  • 2021 NFL Draft Red Flags

    Pod: Some Red Flags For Top NFL Prospects Are Insane

    The NFL has a weird draft process. And sometimes GMs and head coaches will take a player off their draft board for the most odd, and minimal things, although some might be a bigger concern for an NFL Draft prospect. A recent reddit post highlighted the dumbest (and some spot on) red flags for NFL […] More

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