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  • Spread Option NFL Week 2

    Spread Option NFL Week 2

    There’s tough weeks, then there’s rough weeks and brother, last week was a rough week….for Nick. He shot for 44% ATS while Cooney maintained a respectable 62.5%. Not too shabby but can he repeat for Week 2 of the NFL? Lots of divisional match ups, including  a pivotal Monday Night Football for Aaron Rodgers and […] More

  • NFL QB Rankings

    NFL Quarterback Power Rankings Podcast

    Week 1 NFL is done. Sad, I know. But each and every week the good news is I publish my Quarterback Power Rankings. Now Quarterback as we know might be the most crucial and important position in all of team sports, and probably if the whole entire world really (ok I maybe just the most […] More

  • Chicago Bears Week 1

    The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly – Chicago Bears Week 1

    Just as the leaves begin to change their colors according to the laws of nature, so too must the Bears lose in prime time. It is inevitable, it is tradition. But despite the 3 hour long train wreck that was Sunday Night Football, there were rare glimmers of hope. That hope is primarily the hope […] More

  • Kareem Hunt Middle Finger

    Kareem Hunt Gets Middle Finger Welcome Back To Kansas City

    Kareem Hunt used to be loved by Kansas City Chiefs fans…. until you know what happened. Well, he was out in KC and the Cleveland Browns took a chance on him as he betters himself as a person. It worked out well, more than well, they have the best duo of running backs with Nick […] More

  • Jameis Winston Goes Off

    Just talk Pod: Week 1 NFL Recap Podcast

    Week 1 NFL Sunday is officially in the books. The end of NFL Sunday is always bitter sweet. In a interesting way, I can literally watch 11293 hours straight of NFL football. But alas, week 1 is in the books and we have 17 more Sundays to go. Here are the 3 biggest story lines […] More

  • NFL Week 1 Best Bets

    Free Money Fives: NFL Week 1 & CFB Bets

    Week 1 NFL is upon us, alongside week 2 of college football. Now here’s the thing. Last year was absolutely brutal for both college football & NFL betting. Why? Well, COVID protocols, no preseason, no fans, weird games. This year we Hope to be different. We are hoping we can a little bit of a more […] More

  • The Worst QBs in the NFL

    Three Stooges: The Three Worst NFL Quarterbacks Week 1

    Being a high level team in the National Football League usually means you have a high level quarterback. It goes hand and hand. Sure, sometimes teams get lucky and they end up having a mid-level or even bad quarterback and somehow they find success. But 99% of the time that’s not the base. Teams are […] More

  • Spread Option NFL Week 2

    Spread Option NFL Week 1

    WE’RE BAAAAAACK! That’s right, Nick and Cooney are back! Welcome to Season 3 of Spread Option! After a long, hot summer, it’s finally time for football! There’s been a lot of offseason drama, from quarterback controversy to brutal injuries to trades and free agency moves. Every team in the league is scheming but who’s going […] More

  • 2021 Seattle Seahawks Preview Podcast

    Seattle Seahawks 2021 Season Preview Podcast

    There’s a certain distinction in the air when it’s time for football season. And this season, with the return of fans to Lumen Field (still not used to saying Lumen Field) there’s even a little more bounce to my step as the Seattle Seahawks look to repeat as division champions of the NFC West. And […] More

  • The B-Fox and B-Frank Show

    The B-Fox and B-Frank Show S6 E3 CFB Week 2

    It was so good to have College Football back and Week 1 did not disappoint. We saw numerous upsets and some fun, big-time games. The Brians recap the five ranked matchups from Week 1, discuss the main highlights and major notes (like Montana’s upset of #20 Washington) and look ahead to the smaller Week 2 […] More

  • duane brown seahawks contract

    One Down, One To Go: Seahawks Lock In Duane Brown… Diggs Up Next

    Duane Brown has been a key member of the Seattle Seahawks, and truthfully a key to the happiness of Russell Wilson. Brown was acquired by the Seahawks in a trade with Houston in Oct., 2017 after holding out six games with the Texans. He then signed a three-year extension with Seattle prior to the 2018 […] More

  • kawhi leonard drake video

    Kawhi Leonard Appears On New Drake Video: Way 2 Sexy

    If I was to give you one NBA superstar that would be most likely not to be on a music video it has to be Kawhi Leonard right? I mean the dude is rarely seen outside of NBA games. He has basically no social media presence and is not known to look for too much […] More

  • country roads west Virginia football

    What Are The Top 5 College Football Experiences?

    With the 2021 college football season getting into full swing and the return of most fans after a year filled with empty stadiums, many college football traditions return to their glory. College football is about the fans and the experience. Yes, of course, football is a big part of that and everything centers around the […] More

  • College Football Bets

    Just Talk Pod:Free Money Fives: College Football Week 1

    Week 1 college football is finally upon us. And we have our favorite tradition. And that’s my Free Money Fives. Five picks against the spread. On an opening weekend that features amazing matchups it feels like Christmas. So let’s roll up our sleeves as Alabama Rolls Tide into another damn national championship. Week 1 college […] More

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